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Welcome to Beeline Club!

You create attractions,
We create connections,
Beyond all cyberspace platforms:
For just $1 per day. That’s what we do!

We have designed and implemented a laser focused, spam free, one-click access mechanism for connecting to:

- Your friends/ families/ colleagues/ ...

- Your barbershop/ spa/ physician/ mechanic/ ...

- Your local gas station/ bank / sushi/ grocery store/ ...

- Your local branch of Walmart/ McDonald's/ Domino's Pizza/ ...

- Your favorite celebrity/ politician/ ... resident on any social networking platform.

- Your favorite YouTube/ Spotify/ Telegram/ ... playlist or channels

- Your favorite virtual stores on any B2C-C2C platform. Including: Amazon/ Letsgo/ TooGoodToGo/ ...


You will no longer be involved in various platforms under this mechanism. If you know these people, whether they are real people or entities, on any platform, you will be able to connect with them with a single click and receive their messages in one place without switching between apps.

Knowing implies that you are in touch with them via phone, Whats App or Messenger, SMS, or email, or that you usually visit their website, or that you follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, or that you like or tag them on Facebook, and so on.

It is all free for you and advertisers will pay only $ 1 per day for their offers or announcements.

They can also include a link in their ads to redirect and further express their ad or announcement on the platform of their choice.


So Join Us Today!

Smartphones  are our gateway to cyberspace. The engineering of these gates has some hidden flaws that affect us in a variety of ways. The matter is more detailed than simply stated, but people have to follow lots of regulations by lots of entities to reach their destinations. Here we point the consequences on three groups of individuals and businesses:

  • 1) Every day, 6 billion people repeatedly rub their fingertips on the glassy surface of their smartphone and try to find the people or things places they want among lots of apps and ads and scattered pages and notifications.

This conflict, like a covert psychological warfare, confuses users, wastes their time and energy, and diverts their attention away from the main goal.


  • 2) The second side of the issue pertains to those from the business world, etc., who wish to pass through several layers of marketing and advertising, tracking, identification, and targeting algorithms in cyberspace in order to reach the same glass screen of phones and seen.

Last year, they spent more than $ 700 billion, but their expectations were rarely met.

  • 3) There are also some others who stuck in the existing circumstance and have no option. Those who are eager to pay for notification and advertising but cannot, due to the current situation.

A well-known restaurant that has extra sushi or an empty table today for whatever reason, or when our hairdresser prefers a discount on a rainy morning, or when our local Walmart or Domino Pizza branch managers prefer clearance or discount. How are they able to do so? They technically cannot do it.

In addition, There are tens of millions small and micro businesses worldwide that do not yet have a well-defined, low-cost, straightforward, and hassle-free solution to inform their customers in a limited time slot or zone.

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