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TellyFon Unique Functions and Features: 

  • Long Tap; an advanced feature uses a sophisticated algorithm to calculate which app and calling-type should be used for a fast reach to a certain user.

  • VIP manageable Page; on launch VIP page you will see active contacts. People whom you’ve been mostly got in touch with.

  • All Log Page; TellyFon’s log not only display phone calls, but also keeps history of SMS, Messaging and Social app’s notifications log.

  • User Profile Gallery; unlimited images can be added and managed to each contact. (Picture, business card, catalogue, etc...)

  • WhomIT key; a revolutionary process to organize and strengthen address book by adding contacts from social networking apps to your address book.

  • Multimedia Note; each contact has a note repository to collect and manage images, business cards/catalogues/recorded audio or videos or text notes

  • Notification counter; all new communicating actions will be displayed on contact list so you can view them in one shot on any TellyFon pages.

  • Backup/restore; including contact List, profile pictures; Video/Audio/Text/Image, Notes, etc..

  • Powerful WHOMBOX search; This powerful option, searches entire device in advance and in case of no match found, will switch smoothly to available options on internet. So you will have a one click: google, email, youtube channel, google map, translator activation.

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