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TellyFon is an intelligent agent at your service which easily integrates, unifies and organizes your device’s communication apps, all in one dock for easy Call, Text, Video chat, Messaging, Social Networking as well as having All Logs rather than Call Logs and including Multimedia Note, Contact Base Calendar and much more.


TellyFon is not a new messaging or social networking app; it just retrieves a missing concept in the present telecommunication world. It is not going to change your default communicating platforms so you can still continue to use your dialer, SMS, Email, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedlN, Skype, Kik, Viber, Line, Duo, Telegram, hike and Google accounts, but all in one place , much easier and faster.


On the app’s launch page (VIP), you have a full keyboard, microphone and an entry field named “WhomBox”:

- Just type or say whom you would like to reach,

- You will be simply redirected to any possible options available,

- Your next click opens sesame gates and your friend will be reached instantly.


This is a return to real organic telecommunication which we had missed in the post-internet era; “Whom” to reach is much more important than “How” to reach.

 One Click  !

TellyFon Layers

The “WhomBox” can also be used to:

- Dial a number directly (using default dialer)

- Send SMS directly (using default Messages app)

- Send email directly (using default email)

- Call, using your skype account

- Use voice rather than typing

- Search directly through google

- Search for a name in the contact list

- Search for any phone number in the contact list

- Search for any account user ID or user Name 

- Search an email address in the contact list

- Search an address in the contact list

- Search/open a location

- Search/open a YouTube channel/video

- Translate the entries

- Dial Alpha Phrase letters directly; 1800COMPUTE


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