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Why don't I get notifications on my AllLog page?

Please verify that your notification settings are turned on Android settings: You need to Go to Settings > Notifications and make sure that all the Apps and Groups which you wish to receive the notification are enabled.

You can turn off the Notification you might not be interested to receive or put some exception on, from your Android setting section or IMs or Social Networking Apps.

Troubleshooting notification problems:

If you have verified that your notification settings are correct in both android settings and App’s settings and you do not receive notifications, this is more than likely an issue with your connection.

Please note that delivery of notifications is controlled entirely by your device and TellyFon has no way to resolve issues with this service. If someone sends you a message while you are offline, you will be able to receive the notification later only if your Android device setting pushes it to be delivered. It also requires an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection.



**For more instruction please watch help clips available inside the TellyFon App’s setting section.


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