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How can I search via TellyFon Inbound and outbound?

On the app’s launch page (VIP), you have a full keyboard, microphone and an entry field named:  “WhomBox”:

- Just type or say whom you would like to reach,

- You will be simply redirected to any possible options available,

- Your next click opens sesame gates and your friend will be reached instantly.


The “WhomBox” can also be used to:


- Dial a number directly (using default dialer)

- Send SMS directly (using default Messages app)

- Send email directly (using default email)

- Call, using your Skype account

- Use voice rather than typing

- Search directly through google

- Search for a name in the contact list

- Search for any phone number in the contact list

- Search for any account user ID or user Name 

- Search an email address in the contact list

- Search an address in the contact list

- Search/open a location

- Search/open a YouTube channel/video

- Translate the entries

- Dial Alpha Phrase letters directly; 1800COMPUTE



**For more instruction please watch help clips available inside the TellyFon App’s setting section.


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